Why is it important for nannies to talk with other nannies? 

Personally, I love to talk and bounce things off of other people. I’m an external processor. I find it easier to take all of my jumbled thoughts in my brain, say them out loud, and have someone listen. They can point things out and help me get that “aha!” moment. 

Also, as a nanny, you’re stepping into the role of a parent. As a comparison, there’s parenting advice everywhere. 

  • Parenting books 
  • Parenting blogs 
  • Mommy bloggers
  • Mommy vloggers 
  • Mom advice columns 

Then, mothers have the other women in their life. 

  • Mom 
  • Grandma 
  • Aunts 
  • Friends 

These are trusted sources of good advice that really help you feel confident as a new parent.

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Similarly, as a new nanny, it’s super important to talk to other nannies because you will have that confidence of knowing that the advice that you’re getting is good. 

Even if you don’t process your thoughts externally like I do, talking with other nannies is still valuable. Suppose a nanny is introverted, and an internal processor and she needs advice. The problem is, all her friends are programmers or carpenters. They can’t give her good advice. Who knows, they might not even have kids of their own! People who work in front of a computer all day or build houses are not going to be able to relate to a nanny’s problems. You’re going to want to find someone who actually deals with children all day to help you learn more about nannying. 

The Best Nanny Advice Comes From Nannies

Not everyone knows how to deal with children. Many people don’t know what nannying entails. It’s more helpful being able to talk to people with a similar career as you.

Other experienced nannies are the ones who will give you practical, actionable advice. 

I’ve noticed in our local area; we live in Washington state, we don’t really have a place where nannies can get together and chat. We don’t have a big nanny community in our area. Because of this lack of local community, I want to start building a nanny community with you guys. An Oh So Simply Nanny Community where you guys can bounce ideas off of each other, and talk about things that are happening in your area. We want to give nannies a place to feel supported. 

It’s important to talk with other nannies about local rates or getting boredom buster ideas. It’s hard to reach an answer to these issues. For instance, I’ve Nannied kids aged from infancy to teenagers. I’ve found that it’s often hard to find activities for any aged kids in my community that are free and fun. Being able to bounce ideas off of a community of nannies is what helps us turn a boring nanny job into a fun and exciting career. 

The More Advice, The Better

One important point: the advice you get from someone who has years of experience and the advice you get from someone who’s just a little more experienced than you is going to be different. They’re both going to give you good advice, but it will be different advice.

The person who was just a little bit ahead of you is more familiar with the challenges that you’re going through.

Someone who’s really experienced is further removed from being a new nanny, so they have different struggles. They’re thinking more about growing their business rather than starting your business, which are two radically different stages of a nanny’s career. If at all possible, don’t just talk with one nanny or two nannies. Have discussions with, and get advice from as many nannies as possible.

Let’s Talk With You – OhSoSimply Updates

It’s important to talk with other nannies about what’s going on in your nanny career, so I’m going to give you guys an update on what’s been going on with OhSoSimply.

We’ve got a lot of cool projects in the works that I’m really excited to share! WIth the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had a lot of time on our hands to stock OhSoSimply.com with resources. I’ve been working on products for you guys and reaching out to other nannies and companies for collaborations. 

We Want to Hear From You

In this particular article, we are going to leave a huge comment section below. We really want you guys to use it because we want to hear from you. We want your feedback on what we’ve been doing here. We want to see what’s going on with you. 

  • What are your questions? 
  • What concerns do you have as a nanny?
  • What are some nannying experiences and stories you have? 

I’m a talker. I’d love to have more two-way discussions with you all. Even if you’re not a talker, I’ll accept an emoji 😁. Whatever it is, you have to say, just share. 

Any questions you have about:

  • nannying
  • nanny businesses
  • OhSoSimply.com
  • me
  • or anything else

go ahead and ask!

Asking questions publically helps others who may have the same questions. It even helps me!

Nanny Resources

The Nanny Resources page is one of the things I’ve been really working hard on. Back when I was starting my own nannying business, I constantly had to scour the internet for hours and hours to find answers to my questions. It took so much work to learn how to get started. I want to make it easier for you guys who are just starting. I also want to make it easier for you nannies who have been doing this for a long time and just need some new and fresh ideas. 

Please, learn for my mistakes and check out our free Resource page.

Resources for nannies

Visit our Nanny Resources Page HERE

I’m super excited. I’ve been reaching out to some different companies, that produce Boredom Buster packs and play ideas. I’m hoping to get some discounted prices and some coupons for you guys so that you will have stuff for your little ones to do while we’re all cooped up. 

Also, on our resources page, we’ve got things like the Nanny Contract Questionnaire, the Editable Nanny Contract PDF, and the Nanny Rates Calculator. This calculator is fantastic. If you’ve been charging too little, this calculator is going to open your eyes. 

We have also reached out to a local Nanny agency who just set up a local office in Seattle. However, they actually have offices like all over the U.S. I’m trying to partner with them to give you new nannies out there, an agency that will pair you with the perfect family. These guys super friendly, encouraging, and community-oriented. So stay tuned for the name of that Nanny agency.

Nanny rates calculator

Get an idea of how much you could be making right now. Visit our Nanny Rates Calculator HERE.

Nanny Binder

I mentioned the Nanny Binder some time ago on the Juggling Multiple Families article, and we haven’t forgotten about it. In fact, with the spare time we’ve had due to Coronavirus, we’ve been working extra on it. The Nanny Binder is closer than ever to being completed. 

The Nanny Binder is going available in the Shop.  This nanny binder is going to include a lot. It’s going to have: 

  • The Nanny Contract
  • Nanny Questionnaire
  • Nanny Interview Questions (to help you take control of the interview and be the professional) 
  • Miles Tracker
  • Tax/Expenses Tracker
  • Boredom Buster Ideas
  • Nanny Recipe Book
  • Child Care Diagrams

We’re going to have a DIY video showing you how to set it up and use it effectively. 

We plan on releasing a physical nanny binder as well that will also be available in our Shop.

Nannying Multiple Families

Learn how to nanny for multiple families and why you might want to. Visit our Nannying Multiple Families Page HERE.

So, What’s Been Going On In Your Lives?

  • What has been going on in your guys’ lives? 
  • What’s been going on in your Nanny career? 
  • What questions do you guys have? 
  • What advice do you have for other nannies? 
  • Have you noticed any bits of advice that you want to add to our articles? 
  • What topics should we talk about in the future? 

Comment down below and let us know! 

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