All over the world, businesses, religious facilities, and schools have been closed. While many people, including their kids, are home from work, many others are working more than ever.

If you’re a nanny, and your family is still working, you’re likely busier than ever. With no school and no public parks or other activities to go to, all the kids are home all day.

Don’t set your kids in front of a screen all day. Go above and beyond to make a difference in these kids’ lives! Rather than just play games and watch Netflix, fill your kid’s canceled school time with home curriculum learning.

How can I make a home curriculum for my kids?

Teaching your kids from home sounds cool and all, but making a curriculum from scratch is a lot of work.

Luckily, you don’t have to build a whole curriculum from scratch.

Recently, my friend shared these with me:

These resources include everything from educational videos, fun activities, and even Minecraft lessons!

These lessons are educational, but they are genuinely engaging as well and should be super easy for all you nannies to pull off during this pandemic. Here is a personal favorite science experiment. Also linked here is a fun math game you can play with the kiddos.

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