Can a nanny homeschool? How much should I pay them? What kind of education background should they have? 

Yes, A Nanny Can Homeschool!

Most nannies have tutoring experience or have taken Early Childhood Education classes. Make sure the subjects and grade levels they feel comfortable teaching are the ones you and your little ones need.

How Much Should I Pay My Nanny?

I’ve made a nanny calculator that will help you figure out exactly how much you should expect to pay for a nanny in your area. This calculator is one of the free resources included in the first email you receive after signing up for my newsletter. 

Factors the calculator includes are:

  • Minimum wage in your area
  • Number of children they’ll look after
  • Years of experience
  • How much time is spent teaching 
  • Whether or not they’ll be expected to do other household chores

Consider balancing extra household chores with the time you expect them to tutor your little ones. They only have so much time in one day and you don’t want to burn them out. 

Best Places to Find a Nanny

Next week, I’ll be going over what to ask a nanny on an interview. See you next Friday! ✌ 

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