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Hey everyone! Today, I’m interviewing my friend Jasmine about the benefits of essential oils for your little ones, specially with homeschooling. She goes over some of the oily routines she has with her son Jude. Plus, we talk about the super awesome KidScents Starter Kit from Young Living. 

But, first, I want to apologize for the radio silence from OhSoSimply. Covid took a bigger toll on me than I expected, but I’m doing better and am excited to be back! 

One of the things that helped me lower my anxiety and balance my overall mood was essential oils. They are good for so many things! Honestly, Jasmine explains them way better than I can in the interview. She also has a bunch of tutorials and oil blends on her Instagram

KidScents Line With Young Living 

The KidScents Premium Starter Kit from Young Living is so cool! It comes with an owl diffuser that has a built-in white noise machine. It also comes with multiple light settings. The Kit also includes 12 essential oils. 

Essential oils are a natural way to help your toddlers ground their emotions. Also, I found this cool article, that talks about the strong the tie between memories and smell. This study reinforced the idea that smells can help signal a change of activity in your kids’ schedule. 

For example, Jasmine has a regular, nightly routine with Jude that includes calm and relaxing oil blends. This ritual helps Jude mentally prepare for bed and get a full night of sleep. 

Kid Schedules During COVID-19

Do you remember those bells ringing in between classes when you were in school? Do you remember how productive you felt back then? 

Those bells signaled to you that it was time for your brain to focus on a different subject. One class was over and the next one was about to start, whether or not you were done with all of your work from the last class. 

Jordan Paige bases her block schedule on this. She has a video all about the benefits of setting alarms in your phone to act like those school bells. 

Doing this, honestly, takes some getting used to, but makes such a big difference! Between that and using specific essential oils during different parts of my day, I feel more productive now than I ever have. 

How to Use Essential Oils With Kids

I love using essential oils to help transition from one task to another. Some of my favorite oil/time combos are: 

  • Orange & Clove – Cleaning Time
  • Peppermint & Lemon – School or Work Time
  • Lavendar – Rest Time

I mention putting essentials in their playdough. I also diffuse different essential oils during the day or make rollers for nap time. Sometimes, I also just open the essential oil bottle and put it on the table when we’re reading or doing arts and crafts. Linked here is a personal favorite of mine plant therapy essential oils. The organic set and the top 6 set!

Oh So Simply Updates

  • I’m reorganizing the website! I’ll have sign language stuff at Signs.Ohsosimply.com soon! 
  • The Complete Nanny Binder is finally up on Etsy! 
  • The Podcast is staying the same! 

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