Michael Knight

Graphic Designer

Hello there! I'm married to Rainey & I love it! Our life together, so far has been more of an adventure than I could ever have dreamed. I am the introverted, behind the scences man to her experience. I do all of the graphics, website design, and video production. If you have any questions, would like to make suggestions, or are looking to hire a graphic designer [winky face] contact me.

Rainey Knight

Nanny Consultant

Hi everyone! 🙂  I’m just a girl that loves to be stress free and have fun. I have worked as a nanny and home organizer for seven years now! My husband and I also live in a tiny home that we built ourselves. Here, I'm taking everything I've learned along the way and teaching others how to live frugally, run a nanny business and simplify their lives. We post new articles every Friday! It was nice meeting you. Feel free to introduce yourself, or submit a question you want to see answered here. See you around.

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