I undersold myself plenty of times in the past.

Don’t make the same mistake I did:
Don’t Sell Yourself Short

I wish I would have known how not to undersell myself. I undersold myself plenty of times before I realized that being a nanny comes with a lot of responsibility. Because of that, you can, and should, ask for a decent wage.

Ask yourself: “How much could I be charging?”

Answering that question has traditionally been harder than it sounds but, once you know the answer your career will take off. 

Rainey Head shotNow that I know what I should be charging, I’m able to work part-time as a nanny and make a decent living.

By “decent living,” I do not mean “under minimum wage.” I’m not just scraping by. Working part-time my family is able to travel the world. What I am currently charging new clients is roughly three times our minimum wage.

-Rainey Knight

This wage calculator will help you get an idea of what you could be charging. I would encourage you to fill it out accurately, then use that number as your typical quote. But, of course, there may be reasons to lower or raise your rates depending on innumerable factors.

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