Continual Education for Nannies

They say, “we learn something new every day.

As a mom, teacher, and nanny, that is often the case. Working with kids will keep you on your toes. They will ask you questions you’ve never thought to ask. They will make comments that make you question all your own life’s decisions. Every child is different and comes with their own sets of challenges. It’s essential to continue learning. Learn at the rate they do.

Medicine, education, and fun activities are topics you should definitely never stop learning as a nanny.

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For babies especially, staying on top of correlations and prevention of common diseases or developmental delays makes you more valuable as a nanny. Medicine is ever-changing, and knowing which small things you can do will make a big difference for the baby.

Being aware of correlation and prevention of disease and delays makes you more valuable as a nanny.

For example, do you know what safe sleeping positions for your baby are? Do you know which foods to introduce to baby early for the lowest allergic reaction risk? These will be answered in future articles. 

Looking for ways to increase your value, or on what you should charge as a nanny? Start with this article.


In those toddler years, kids will soak up every bit of knowledge they can. It’s crucial, as a nanny to take advantage of those years. Keep up to date with the best; it may be the newest way to teach kids different subjects.

  • Education

    keep up with new methods of teaching primary school basics (colors, numbers, shapes, letters, general people skills)

  • Basic Knowledge

    make opportunities for your little ones to practice life skills (tying shoes, buttoning shirt, zipping pants)

  • Development
    look for new things that hinder or foster growth to give your little one the best chance to succeed!

Fun Activities (Follow us on Pinterest)

Do you have a bag of tricks? Fun activities for kids of any age? No? Well, now, you do. Here are some of the activities I like to do with my kiddos! Don’t have Pinterest? Get on it! Follow us @OSSimply and start looking through and pinning some ideas. They are all easy to do and require simple, usually recycled, supplies. Any activity here can be done on a budget.

Make sure to keep your receipts for the supplies you buy if you’re expecting reimbursement. 

Cheap and easy sensory play. Add wawter and finger paint or other coloring to a gallon freezer bag.
Color sorting. Create this fun color sorting activity for your kids with just one trip to the dollar store!
Fine Motor Skill Play. Insert colored pom-poms into a whisk. Baby will practice using small finger movements rather than open hand grasping.

Never Stop Learning – Stay Connected!

To get more ideas and keep up to date with baby info, stay connected. Subscribe to my page for new articles every Friday! Also, find and follow us on social media. We follow some pretty amazing accounts that teach me new things regularly. Right now, three of my favorite accounts to follow are

  • @play.hooray
  • @nannytrainingaustralia,
  • @mamaknows_nutrition.

I also love watching Jordan Paige, mother of six with twins on the way, on Youtube for brilliant saving and scheduling tips. Having a nanny page on Instagram, with a feed full of information that you can switch over to is a great way to keep learning. I even have a “nanny email” address that I use for subscribing to all my favorite mom and nanny blogs. That way, I never miss an awesome article or newsletter with coupons, discounts, or new advice.

Doing everything you can for your little ones to be the best they can definitely include staying informed.

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