Educating and entertaining children can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be.


For anyone caring for babies and young children, you know how important playtime is. The problem is, while a child’s thirst for stimulation and attention is endless, your energy and creativity may not be. We all have days where our mind and body are at their limits. On days like that, we need a helping hand on those days you need it.

That’s why OhSoSimply has partnered up with playHOORAY! a community of parents, carers and educators here to celebrate the wonderful world of PLAY!

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playhooray! founder

playHOORAY! is all about equipping you with the tools to entertain your young children. You do not need a houseful of expensive toys to get the kids playing. It’s amazing what you can create with the items you already have around the house and eagle eye for ‘play potential’.

-Claire, playHOORAY! founder


This is perfect for encouraging little ones to practice the physical skills required for writing, holding a pencil and using tools. 

You can do this Pre-Writing Skills Online Course at the pace and ability of your child allowing you to amend it to suit your families needs. Suitable for children of all abilities aged one and over,


Printable playPROMPTS are here to make your life a little bit easy and at your own convenience.

These packs of playPROMPTS are sent straight to your inbox so you can download and view them on your phone or choose to print out at home. A convenient and eco-friendly way of joining in the playPROMPTS fun.

Simply select the packs you wish to purchase from the many, many options at the playHOORAY! website using the button below for 10% off.