Hey everyone! It’s been a couple weeks since our last post. First time we’ve missed a week in over a year! But we’re back 🙂 

Today’s video is a bit of a rant. We’re discussing things that nannies HATE. 

  1. Asking your nanny to stay late at the end of the day
  2. Showing up at home and just “hanging-out” with the nanny. 
  3. Comparing your current nanny to your previous nanny.
  4. Ignoring your nanny’s opinion or systems she’s set up.
  5. You or your child treating your nanny like “the help.”
  6. Expecting your nanny to miraculously change/improve your child
  7. Micromanaging your nanny – especially if she’s self-employed.

Check out the video above, and then let me know what things YOU hate as a nanny in the comments. 

If you hire nannies, what top things do you hate that some nannies do? 

Until next time! 

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