Today we are talking with a fellow nanny, Kenya, about having open communication and boundaries! Glorious, life-saving boundaries.

Nanny Expectations vs. Reality 

Our first question to Kenya was to find out what her initial expectations of being a Nanny were. What do you think? What tasks are “a given” when it comes to Nannying?

“Obviously,” Kenya states, “anything kid-related.” But what all does that entail, and what about other household tasks? How much cleaning is involved? We see moms and dads coming home tired from a long day at work and our heart goes out to them. So, are we making dinner? Doing laundry?

What if we get a text and Mom boss says she left her laundry in the washer and wants us to “push it through?” Is this a one-time thing? 

What is expected of a Nanny? This is an easy answer if you have a contract with all previously communicated duties outlined clearly! Don’t have a contract? I DO! 

Webster’s Dictionary Defines A Boundary As…

(A line that marks the LIMIT)

Maybe it started with a “Hey! Could you throw my clothes in the dryer” text, but now it’s turned into other requests, and all of a sudden you feel like the nanny, the butler, the cleaning lady, and the cook! This is what I like to call, job creep! 

Hey Google, What Is Job Creep?

Job creep is any extra chores being asked of you little by little without compensation. If you struggle with this, you’re not alone…but it’s important that we address it now. 

What is a Boundary?

Well as Mr. Webster explains, a boundary is defined as a line that marks the limit of something. So, If you have clearly outlined in your contract what duties are expected of you as included in your pay grade, then you don’t have to feel expected to do more. Otherwise, that would be considered, crossing the line. Plain and simple!

Go The Extra Mile?

Of course, I’m not saying let the clothes sit in the washer all day… We love our nanny families so of course, be kind, and if you see something you want to do like a little bonus niceness then by all means!  But make sure you have set boundaries for yourself.

Homeschooling – Did I Sign Up For This? 

Some families have chosen to keep their kiddos home instead of sending them to public school due to Covid. Certainly, these decisions were discussed with you before you became a homeschool teacher in addition to caring for the littles. Or maybe the parents have the kids signed up for school on the computer and just want you to keep an eye on it. Either way, decide what is part of your contract and get compensated for any work you do. 

I Love You, But No.

Do not feel bad saying “no” to things not in your job description. Does the thought of this make you feel guilty? I have a video all about how to overcome Nanny Guilt!

Nannies, This is For You! (Pep-talk Time)

My hard-working, amazing Nannies! You’ve heard me say it before. You are your own advocate, but I am here to be your support, too. We all need to find that confidence within to stand up for ourselves to TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES so that we don’t burn out. If you want to give your best to your nanny family, then you have to think about what’s best for your physical, mental, emotional health. You’ve got this!

You’ll want to check out Confidence & Cocktails where my BFF, Sarah, gives women the boost they need to care for themselves first and avoid burnout. 

“Take care of yourself so you can take care of the people you love.”


If you are already in too deep and have found yourself asking, “How did I get here?!” then guess what? It’s not too late! I recommend a REGULARLY scheduled review.

Sit down with your nanny family and reevaluate your roles as outlined in your contract and agree on appropriate compensation for any additional tasks being asked of you.

Do You Have a Mentor?

I offer a mentoring program for any of you nannies who would like to benefit from a little extra love! Sign up to get the 1:1 attention you need to succeed as the confidence boss babe you are!

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