In this interview, I chat with Sarah aka @the.modern.nanny as we cover how to ask for a raise, the importance of a nanny contract & setting boundaries from the beginning. 💛

Diving Right In

First of all you guys, I am all about that professional nanny career! There is a big difference between a casual babysitter and a bona fide, contract signing, binder-toting professional nanny. Stepping up your game in small ways will definitely help you in getting the raise you deserve. How so?


The first step to becoming a nanny is to work up a contract. This will be your Nanny Bible, which will include everything from your services to your pay.

This Oh So Simply contract includes a super helpful questionnaire you can go through with the parents to discuss important topics like:

  • What specifically are my tasks?
  • What and when will I be paid?
  • How often will we have reviews?

True story: Me and another nanny with the exact same credentials applied to work with the same family. I had the upper hand because in it I held The Complete Nanny Binder! Guess who got the job?

Professionalism, people, professionalism. 🙂

Trial Periods

Another important component to your contract is the trial period. This is the time to make sure your starting rate and workload balance out. Don’t feel bad for making these trials long as heck. Trial periods ensure that you make what you feel is fair at least in the first year.

Raises are pretty normal to expect annually but don’t be presumptuous. Your family will only want to give you a raise if you add value to their life. 

Not sure your value is seen? Sign up for a mentoring session with me to make sure your value is seen!

Asking for the Raise-Not Awkward

Do you have scheduled reviews with the family? If not, start now! They don’t have to be long-drawn-out sessions, just 10-15 minutes every couple of weeks. Keeping communication open and comfortable makes reviews a great time to bring up a raise. Let’s talk details!


Know your Reason!

Are you asking for a raise because:

  • You now have more responsibilities?
  • You feel your compensation doesn’t justify the energy you put into the fam?
  • Cost of living has gone up?
  • You’ve gained experience and education since you’ve started?

Once you know your reason, start talking about it. Whether that’s adding extra notes to your invoice, showing added responsibilities, or mentioning how long you’ve been with the family, let them know your worth.

Start hinting at a raise well before you actually want it. This prevents your family from feeling the pressure on their budget, giving you higher chances of a yes.

PRO TIP – Do not ask for a raise around the Holidays. Families are already hard-pressed for money around this time of year and it’s likely you won’t have a favorable response. 

BONUS PRO TIP – Do not ask for a raise if your nanny parents came home tired or grumpy that day… I mean this should go without saying but I’m gonna say it. Timing is everything.

How Should You Ask?

Now, you know what you want, when you want it, and why. As you wrap up your review, here’s what you could say:

“So I would like a raise of this amount, and I’d like it to start receiving it (ideally, give them 3 months).” 

By giving them specifics, and time to sort out their finances, you’ll be mastering a professional level of consideration. Remember that while getting a raise is ideal, maintaining a positive working relationship is your priority.

Do you want to level up your nanny game and receive the raise you deserve? Sign up for your mentoring session with me! Happy nannying, friends!

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