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Trying to figure out how much to charge as a nanny? Wanting to raise your rates, but don’t know how? Looking for the oh so simple way to get your payments delivered on time? Check out these articles!

more nanny taxes

More Nanny Taxes

Taxes are stressful. They seem overwhelming and confusing when you’re just starting out, looking at piles of invoices and receipts. On top of that, there is so much conflicting information about what is and isn’t legal. They are just so confusing!

But, all that being said, once you start to get your hands dirty, dive in, and learn just a little bit everything will start to come together.


Tax With Me (Nanny Taxes – Employee or Contractor?)

Hello fellow tax paying nannies! Tax season can be, well, TAXING! How do you know whether you are an independent contractor or a household employee? You’ll find out in this video as well as how to do those taxes!

Did you know doing your taxes can be done in 5 easy steps?! ✍️📒

Come with me as we use our Complete Nanny Binder to organize tax documents, track and record income and expenses and even earn flyer miles in the process! Believe me, after doing this tax video, I’m ready for a vaca! Let’s go! 💸