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One of my most frequently asked questions is:

“How do you find such great jobs?” 

A lot of the job offers I receive are from people who have talked to my previous clients. 

Word of mouth is my number one way of finding great families. 

If you have prior experience or care.com isn’t working for you here’s what you do:

If you haven’t tried a nanny agency website yet, READ THIS FIRST. It can be the easiest way to get a good nanny job.


Good old-fashioned flyers work for any kind of local business. Here’s some suggestions on what you can include on yours:

  • a recent picture of yourself
  • a brief description of what you’re looking for
  • your experience
  • a way to contact you

I have a work-only email that I give out to potential clients. That way, potential client’s emails don’t get lost in my flooded personal email. This email should be simple. It can be a simple variation of you name. Try not to make it complicated. You want people to remember it easily and type it correctly. I also use a work-only email so I know exactly why someone is contacting me. Whether you decide to use your personal or a solely professional one is up to you. 

Whatever you choose, DON’T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFO! 

Don’t give out:

  • your full name 
  • phone number 
  • address 
  • personal details about your school
  • details about your routine 


Flyers are great because they can be put up anywhere.

You can ask to post them:

    • in coffee shops
    • on telephone polls
    • at the community center
    • the library
    • the mall
    • just about anywhere! 

Make sure to ask the managers of businesses in your area if you can post your flyers in display windows, especially of baby shops. You may want to ask local daycares if they can pass your information along to anyone that comes in looking for an age they don’t cover or times when they’re closed. 

Community Outreach

Go to farmer’s markets and see if there’s anyone selling mommy or baby items. Ask them if you can leave a stack of your flyers or business cards at their stand

Most local farmers and artists would be happy to help spread the word. It’s a way they can show support for the local community businesses – such as yourself

A Farmer’s Market can be a great activity to take your kiddos to during the summer. For some more outing ideas, READ THIS.

Don’t be discouraged if they say no, you have other ways. You can go to an elementary school before or after it starts. Parents of students will be there waiting to drop-off or pick-up their kid – often with a toddler or baby in hand. These can be the perfect candidates for nannies. 

Even if they aren’t ready to hire a nanny now, you will come to mind when they are ready. Remember to give them your info

Business cards

You can order some really simple business cards for basically nothing. Make sure to include 

  • a picture
  • your name
  • a way to contact you
  • the fact that you are a nanny

Having business cards will make you look professional and is something that is easy to hand to a busy mom. Keep some in your wallet for when your out and about. When you visit the park or anywhere kids are with their parents. Don’t be shy about approaching parents. I once got a job offer outside of a bouncy house. Always be ready to tell someone about your services. Give some of your cards to friends and family to pass out too. Give them to your previous employers. You never know where they will end up, but you can guarantee you’ll end up with an offer. 

Don’t be shy!

Join social media groups

Like anything else, when someone starts looking for a nanny, they are bound to start online. Mommy groups and nanny pages on facebook and instagram are two of the places I’d start. Mention that you are looking for a job and would love any leads. Make sure to post on all of your own social media accounts. 

The hands-down best way for you to get a job is to make yourself available. Put yourself out there! 

Talk to people – Word of mouth is the best way!

Start with family and friends. Send them a blast text. Tell them at dinner. Tell them to tell their friends. Your family and friends are already on your side, they will advocate for you. 

All you have to do is ask!

Do you already know a nanny in your area? Ask her. Someone who is already doing it may know of people who are currently looking. They can ask the family they work with if they know of any families looking. Really, if you’re reading this, you already know a nanny. Me! If you want, I would be happy to help you find a local job! If you’re from my area, I can put out feelers or tell you about jobs I already know about. Just contact me! If you aren’t from my area, I can give a shout out on my media pages and help you land a job in your area! 🙂

Contact me if you need help finding a nannying job!

One of the keys of promoting yourself is to spread the word as far as possible. Don’t be afraid to talk to people you don’t know. Be casual and friendly when you approach people. You don’t want to come of too sales-y. The best way is to start a normal conversation and slowly try getting to you talking about your job search. 

Start with, 

Hi! 🙂 It’s a perfect day to play at the park! I would love to bring the kids that I nanny here.” 

They might mention something about not having a nanny or just agree that the day is perfect for the park. Then, you could ask, 

With summer being here, do you or anyone you know happen to be looking for a nanny? I would love to add a family to my summer schedule!” 

Whatever their response, you can give them a business card. Just in case. 

Now, if you find that totally scary, you don’t have to do it. Stick to the ways listed above. I will say though, this is how I’ve gotten summer jobs. It works great because the setting is casual enough they could impromptu “interview” there and see how you interact with kids. Regardless, keep trying different ways to find a job and you will!

If you keep reaching out, you will land your dream job! It’s out there! Trust me!

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