what Nanny services to offer & how to offer your resumes

Today we’re going to be talking all about services that you can provide as a nanny and how you offer them! This is going to be more ways to make money. So, I’m going to go over 4 things that you can offer and 4 ways you can offer them. 

What Nanny services to Offer

1. Childcare (obviously)

This will include taking care of the baby, changing diapers, feeding them, getting them down for a nap. The regular things, day-to-day, that happen with the kid. 

2. Teaching 

You can teach a language, instrument, sports, potty training, driving (if you have the guts for it). I do have a whole series on “how to teach sign language as a second language” that you can check out here.

3. Homemaker skills 

This includes services like: cooking, cleaning, organizing their house, helping them spring clean, and helping them set up a new office or baby room. Each of those will add value to you as a nanny.

4. Personal Assistant Tasks

While this is probably the least likely one you’ll choose, it is another way to add value to yourself as a nanny. These are tasks that you could do for them to help their lives run smoother. 

These tasks include things like: appointment making, setting up the kids’ schedules and routines – making sure everything runs smoothly with their extracurricular activities. You can manage everyone’s schedule overall by setting up a family white board that shows appointments and events from everyone’s schedule. 

You can also offer to do event planning (family dinners, graduation parties, anniversary parties). While this sounds extravagant, it could just look like you make sure all of the serving dishes are out, clean, and ready to be used. Maybe you even make sure they have the groceries they’ll need. 

You can also offer to help them with travel plans by booking tickets, hotels, reserving cars, packing for them and then possibly house sit for them while they’re gone. 

How to present your nanny resume

1. Build a website resume

In high school, everyone tells you that you need a great looking resume to get a job. While that’s true in the nanny industry as well, because nannying is more about quantity, not quality, it can be hard to show your value with a traditional resume. 

I recommend building a website. You can make a free one using webs.com [link] or you can make an Instagram profile. One of these options will be better at showing the value you bring to your nanny families. You can add videos and pictures of you with your nanny kids (with written consent from their parents to share those on the internet, of course).

2. add your references & reviews

You can add testimonials, pictures or lists of activities that you’ve done with your nanny kids like this.

3. add your nanny service & styles 

You can write about your nanny style and childcare philosophies. You can also include your disciplinary strategies and expectations as a nanny.

4. Business cards

Once you’ve made an amazing website or Instagram profile, you can make business cards to spread the words about your virtual resume. You can make business cards crazy cheap with websites like Vista Print

Perks: You’re saving trees, they’re easier to carry in your pocket making them easier to distribute. 

You can hand these out while you’re out and about and give stacks to your friends, families, and previous nanny families, so they can share them too. 

For more ideas about how to promote yourself to get the nanny job of your dreams, check out this article all about promoting yourself. 

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