How to change a diaper.

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Get everything ready! Make sure the wipes are open, the new diaper is open and ready before you even undo the onesie. Doing steps 1-4 quickly will keep the baby from peeing on you. They typically pee as a reaction to fast change in temperature.

Pro Tip: Never leave the baby on the changing table alone!

How to Change a Diaper

  1. Undo the old diaper. 
  2. Wipe from front to back (make sure the bum is last). You may have to do it a few times if they’ve pooped to clean it well. 
  3. As you use a wipe, pile it in the diaper. Then, roll and close it at the end.
  4. Put the new diaper under their bum.
  5. Apply cream if it’s before a nap or bedtime. 
  6. Close up their new diaper. Most diapers have indicators for where to put the velcro pieces. If the diaper doesn’t have those, leave about a thumb of space in between the two straps. 
  7. Roll up the old diaper and toss it in the bin. I prefer using a diaper genie to help eliminate the smell. 
  8. Use hand sanitizer! It’s important to wash your hands too, but I do this first, so as to not leave the baby on the changing table.
  9. Re-dress baby & you’re good to go!

Diaper Sizes & Styles

Finding the right diaper fit for your baby is super important. Yes, size, but also style. Different styles of diaper hug baby bodies in different ways. Some babies need a higher diaper or one with a closer hold around the legs. There are also different levels of absorbency. Finding the right diaper for your little one can be done oh so simply. You can order diaper sample packs. This come with different styles in the size of your choice. 

If you are completely unsure on where to start or when to size up your babies diaper, check out the chart below. 

Cloth vs. Disposable

Here is where the parents have a choice. Whatever they use, respect their choice. If any of you are working for families that use cloth diapers, comment below! I’m considering writing an article on cloth diapers and wipes for next week. So, let me know what you think. Meanwhile, here are some pros and cons to cloth diapers for those of you who are asked your opinion.


  • Reusable
  • Cheaper in the long term 
  • Come in cute styles 
  • Lower risk of allergic reaction because of the natural materials used 
  • Keep baby comfortable


  • Require more steps to use 
  • Are more expensive upfront 
  • Higher risk of diaper rash 
  • Less absorbent
  • Require frequent changes

How often

A smell check only works for the poo, so having this disposable diapers with the yellow line that changes to blue when the diaper is wet, is a great way to do a quick check. Otherwise, checking or changing a baby’s diaper every bottle feeding (every 2-3 hours) is a good rule of thumb. 

Diaper cream 

I typically use diaper cream on a baby’s bum any time they go into their crib. When they are asleep, I don’t wake them to change their diaper, so using a cream beforehand, helps them sleep peacefully and not develop a rash. Here is a link to an amazing DIY bum cream!

What to put in your diaper bag: 

Pro Tip: Always pack a change of clothes! You never know when they’ll be a blowout!

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