In this colorful interview with the vivacious Nanny Nikki, we discuss the benefit of MUSIC in childhood development! 

Learn how music can:

  • Help express feelings
  • Teach
  • Promote communication

We also discuss how music can help our littles stay focused during virtual learning!

But first, let’s introduce Nanny Nikki and what she has been offering to families across the country!

Music is a powerful thing that truly transcends all boundaries. It brings together humans of any age and connects our hearts and souls.

Nanny Nikki Music

Nanny Nikki is a talented and extremely captivating music enthusiast. She helps children learn, grow and express themselves by teaching them to appreciate music! Her Youtube Channel is full of fantastic resources for families who would like screentime that is both educational and enjoyable.

Music is visceral! – Nanny Nikki

Tap Your Toes, Stomp Your Feet

Why does music make us want to move our bodies? You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to know that music evokes emotion. It just does!

Like Nanny Nikki said, music is visceral. In other words, there is an effect on the nervous system that evokes a response. 

Maybe it makes you wanna shake your hips, hum along or sway your body. Or, if you are my husband, music makes you do some sort of awkward white boy *clap your hands and point at stuff* moves. 🤓

Music can make you happy and feel joy. Music can remind you of loss or heartache. It can make you feel nostalgia.

But what can music do for early development?

Heads, Shoulders, Highs and Lows

It can be especially difficult even for grown ups to say how we are feeling, so how much more so for our children. 

Songs teach children words they can use to describe how they are feeling. This gives freedom to our children who are learning how to communicate.

I had a super adorable little girl in one of my nanny families who used singing as a way to express herself. When her brother was irritating her to the point she couldn’t handle it anymore, she would SING at the top of her voice, “I am fruuustraaated!!”

This told her brother (and everyone else) exactly where she was emotionally and mentally. Honestly, it was brilliant and I am considering trying out this method for myself.

The feels in my heart go round and round. 🎼

ABC, It’s as Easy as 123

Many nursery songs are entertaining! They also help children learn words and understand concepts. Music teaches fundamentals.

As children get older, incorporating music in learning is a tested and proven method of memorization. 

When I was getting my certification for teaching English as a second language, I learned how songs and movement engage both sides of the brain and reinforce the words and meanings more effectively.


Happy Together

As we discussed, music brings people together. Singing and dancing really break the ice! This is how you can make your children view you as approachable and fun.

More and more children are having to learn via zoom and virtual classrooms, so one major struggle we have seen is being able to keep the attention of our kids. 

Music is a GREAT way to keep them engaged and interested. Nanny Nikki suggested incorporating age appropriate puppets or props and even using the children’s own names in the songs to make it personal. 

Learn more from Nanny Nikki by checking out her website at NannyNikkiMusic.com and keep an eye out for her upcoming audio singles!

If you have a favorite children’s educator or entertainer, comment below. We would love to hear about them!

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