Language is one of the defining marks of humans. All of our communication is built on the concepts of linguistics, and while we all share this ability, the form it takes varies.

Spoken word, facial expressions, written text, printed type, braille, Morse code, pictures, and sign language. All of these emerged for a reason. Sign languages have developed by and for deaf people all over the world. The most widespread sign language is American Sign Language (ASL) popularly used in some 40 countries.

Most people learn ASL either because they’re deaf, or they know someone deaf, but these are not the only reasons. While I do happen to know many deaf people, knowing sign language is useful to me as a nanny. Parent’s often want their nannies to teach their kids useful skills, such as a new language. Academics aside, it is practical to teach infants and toddlers sign language as they can learn to communicate through signs earlier than words. And let’s not forget how skilled you’ll get at charades!

So, why are you interested in learning sign language?

If you’re a nanny, sign language is a skill that will help you with every single family you work with.

If you’re a parent, sign language will facilitate communication with your infant now, and through the rest of your lives.

If you know someone deaf, sign language will help you build that relationship and many more in the future.

There’s just one problem — learning a new language is hard!

Learning a new language can be difficult, expensive, or BOTH!

How many people do you know who’ve learned how to say “hello,” and “bathroom” in a new language … and that’s it? Or maybe they know some phrases, but don’t even understand what they’re saying?

Are you worried about doing the same with sign language?

My name is Rainey Knight. I’ve helped people with American Sign Language for 5 years. Everything that has helped them to improve is here to help you master ASL too!

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