Baby Sign Language | Numbers & Colors

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Hey everyone! Today we’re continuing to learn some more baby sign together! We’ll be going over numbers and colors in American Sign Language.

A few points to keep in mind while teaching your baby sign language.

  1. Sign close to your face.
    Signing close to your face allows them to see your facial expressions along with the sign.
  2. Sign close to their face.
    Signing close to their face allows them to see it clearly, as babies up to several months may still have difficulty seeing.
  3. Speak the words you are signing
    Speaking while signing allows baby to connect the meaning of the sign with the meaning of the words and helps them develop their speaking ability faster. 

With that in mind, watch the video below as many times as you need.

make sure to practice along with baby every day!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Sign Language 3 | Numbers and Colors”

  1. This is perfect for someone just learning to sign. Not just babies! LOL You are so easy to watch and clear with your signs. Thank you for investing your time and effort to this awesome skill. <3

    1. Thank you so much Deanna! As a nanny, I try to choose the simplest forms of American Signs so as they get older they already have the foundation of a second language.

      We’re thinking about having American Sign Language lessons in the future. If you want any updates on that, you can find them in future Sign articles & our newsletter.

      Are there any signs that you’d like to see in a future video?

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