Nannying Rates

Nannying Rates

It’s important to have a price range in mind before you go on an interview . You don’t want to be caught off guard when the parents ask you what you are going to charge. Your prices should be fair and take into account your skills and abilities. Your rates should also be within the range of other local nannies.

How should you do that and what do you need to consider?

Expectations, Boundaries, and LImits

Expectations, Boundaries, and Limits

Today, raising children is hard. Especially if the parents are working out of the home. Usually, the only solution is to hire a nanny. Essentially, what they are looking for is someone to take the place of Mom while she is at work. Even though you play many of the same roles as Mom, your expectations will be a little different.

It’s important to know, as a nanny, what you should be expected to do, what boundaries you should set, and what limits you have in your work.

transitioning to bottle

Transition to bottle

The need to use a bottle can arise in a few situations. Maybe mom has low production and needs to supplement with formula. Perhaps baby has started teething, making breastfeeding uncomfortable for mom. How does this transition relate to nannying though? When it’s time for mom to go back to work how practical would it be for her to do so – and thus hire a nanny – if mom has to leave work early to make sure baby has food? In any situation, introducing bottles can be challenging but necessary. Now, let’s talk about a few tricks to starting bottle feeding.

Would I be a good nanny?

Is Nannying Right For You?

Maybe you’ve got a friend who is a full-time nanny. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself “I like kids, I could totally be a nanny,” and now you’re looking for a job. Perhaps someone has suggested “You should totally be a nanny!” Whatever the case, nannying is a great job. Depending on the area you work, nannying may even be an excellent career path. But, before you dive in, we should see if nannying is really the right profession for you. Let’s start with the obvious…

What's the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

What is the Difference Between a “Nanny” and a “Babysitter”?

“Are you the babysitter? ”  Have you ever heard that question? Have you ever said that to the person caring for someone’s child? Most nannies, when asked that question, think to themselves “…. Umm, no. I’m actually the nanny, which means something completely different. I love these kids and am with them all the time. Their basically …

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