Would I be a good nanny?

Is Nannying Right For You?

Maybe you’ve got a friend who is a full-time nanny. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself “I like kids, I could totally be a nanny,” and now you’re looking for a job. Perhaps someone has suggested “You should totally be a nanny!” Whatever the case, nannying is a great job. Depending on the area you work, nannying may even be an excellent career path. But, before you dive in, we should see if nannying is really the right profession for you. Let’s start with the obvious…

What's the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

What is the Difference Between a “Nanny” and a “Babysitter”?

“Are you the babysitter? ”  Have you ever heard that question? Have you ever said that to the person caring for someone’s child? Most nannies, when asked that question, think to themselves “…. Umm, no. I’m actually the nanny, which means something completely different. I love these kids and am with them all the time. Their basically …

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