Making sure your little ones are happy, healthy, and developmentally on track is essential. 


However, keeping track of all the aspects of a child’s life is overwhelming. But, it doesn’t need to be.

Many nannies and parents leave the development of their child up to chance; with only the occasional check in. 

If that’s how your nanny family feels, you can take responsibility for your charge’s development. You can show the family how much of an asset you are to the family. 

As the nanny, you can:

1.) keep track of the child’s daily care

2.) monitor the child’s developmental progress 

To track a child’s daily care and developmental progress, you need to keep detailed logs.

Nannying for a family is like marrying into that family.

Just as spouses need to communicate in healthy relationships, nannies and parents have to communicate with each other.

As the nanny, you should be communicating with the parents about the kids as much as they are. You need to be involved in important conversations about the kids’ progress, struggles, and changes. Do whatever is needed to make sure your communication stays open and regular.

You have a plethora of ways to communicate. Phone calls, texing, your invoices, and even daily care logs can be used for communication.

-Rainey Knight

Nanny daily log preview


1. Baby’s Daily Log
2. Toddler’s Daily Log
3. Kid’s Daily Log
4. Blocks for Parents & Nannies
5. 14 Unique Tracking Blocks
6. Food Trackers
7. Potty Training Tracker
8. Sleep & Nap Trackers
9. Development Trackers



– Print them daily, or
– Laminate and reuse

These Daily Nanny Logs will help the whole household care for the child’s development & foster communication.


Let’s be real for a secondSometimes parents and families are bad at communicating. I’ll be honest, this will make your job harder. It then becomes important that YOU set up systems that force them to communicate.

Regardless of their communication with each other, it’s your responsibility to communicate clearly and regularly with both of them.

One way you make this happen is by utilizing a Daily Nanny Log

Using the our Daily Nanny Log, you can:

  • quickly communicate the child’s daily happenings such as their sleep & eating habits
  • keep track of how the child is developing through Tummy Time trackers, Learning Time trackers, and more
  • leave specific messages for the family

Whether or not Mom and Dad are communicating about the rest of their lives, they will be communicating with and about you! 

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