The interview isn’t just for parents to question the nanny, it’s the nanny’s chance to interview the parents.  

One thing that many nannies and families don’t realize is that the interview is as much of an examination of the nanny as it is an examination of the family. Families use the interview to screen their potential nanny. Nannies need to be using the interview in the same way, to screen the family they will be working with. It’s during this time that you can really show off your professionalism by:

1.) looking for any red-flags and seeing if this relationship will be a good fit, and

2.) identifying a family’s key preferences that you’ll need to incorporate into your nannying routines while adjusting your prices accordingly. 

By asking questions, you can more effectively fill out your nanny contract.

I’ve heard what nannies have been saying about the families they work with:
“They’re germaphobes.”
“Their expectations are unreasonable.”
“They just let the kid run and scream all day.”
“The parents constantly micromanage every aspect of our day.”
“She asked me to wear scrubs anytime I’m at their house.”
“The whole family is unbelievably rude.”

When you rush into a working relationship with a family, often you learn things over time that weren’t apparent when you signed up for the job. The examples above are not made up. You can proactively protect yourself from these situations by having a good screening process in place while interviewing families. 

-Rainey Knight


1. Start Date & Location
2. Work Hours & Dates
3. Compensation & Taxes
4. Job Responsibilities 
5. Child Development & Health
6. Training & Physical Health Requirements
7. Transportation
8. Confidentiality
9. Trial & Termination


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This questionnaire will lay the foundation of a successful nanny business

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The first line of defense in screening new families comes via the interview process. 

You need to look for red flags and mismatches.

You must remember that this is as much an interview for them as it is for you.

Using the Nanny Contract Questionnaire, you can find out:

  • find out how they interact with the kiddos
  • ask about house rules
  • discipline strategies
  • reward systems.

Then, you can integrate this information into your contract.

The Nanny Contract Questionnaire will:

  1. help you extract the information you need to determine if a family is a good match for you, and
  2. help you build a contract that will keep you and the family happy.

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