more nanny taxes

More Nanny Taxes

Taxes are stressful. They seem overwhelming and confusing when you’re just starting out, looking at piles of invoices and receipts. On top of that, there is so much conflicting information about what is and isn’t legal. They are just so confusing!

But, all that being said, once you start to get your hands dirty, dive in, and learn just a little bit everything will start to come together.

Nannies Discipline Children

How Should A Nanny Discipline Children?

Many nannies struggle with discipline.
How do you discipline the kids as the nanny?
How do you discipline children of different age groups?
What if you don’t feel confident enforcing discipline?
Should you discipline kids while the parents are around?
How can we set up an effective disciplinary system?

Together, Shada & I discussed what nannies need to know about discipline.