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Thinking about hiring a nanny? Already have a nanny? Here’s everything you need to know about incorporating a nanny into your family.

All You Need to Know About Newborn Care Specialists

Today we interview Miss Angela Johnson, aka @ask.the.nanny! She is a bona fide and certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCS).

She’s been in the nanny industry for several years specializing in newborn care. This woman is a WEALTH of knowledge and has skills to pay the bills! But even with all that, she decided to get some additional training to become officially certified as an NCS.

We talk about what being an NCS actually is, including:
What are NCS services?
Does an NCS need to be certified?
What is the schedule like?
What is in the contract?

We also discuss the benefits of having a professional certification!

Are Certifications Required to Become a Nanny?

Nannies, let’s figure out what sets you apart from the competition. Anyone can sit with a kid watching cartoons. What makes you the best caretaker?

How can you be more confident and hireable?
Should you pursue skills that require a certification?
How do your taxes come into play?

Let’s chat about a few skills in the nanny industry that offer certifications and a few that do not.

Nanny Interview Questions

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